From A to Zinnia

Zinnias, I grow them, I paint them, I even give them a BOTTLE OF PATRONE TO Drink 

9B63860B-BF70-4841-8C89-9CD35B5293EAI have always loved any Zinnia! The large variety or the small variety, with their sun bonnet petals facing the hot rays, they just  seem to thrive in our hot southern summers.   The painting behind the flowers, was painted several years ago by me, and nothing makes magenta and bright pinks pop, like being in the foreground of cobalt blue.

My mom had a passionate love for plants, but my sister is a master gardener.  everything she touches, or plants or even looks at in the flora family turns into a healthy thriving symphony of beauty.  Even my  brother grows them.  Zinnias  are such a jolly flower and I would say they are a happiness booster.   I always told my husband,  “please don’t buy me roses or a stiff floral arrangement for an occasion.   I would much rather just have a handful of daisies or roadside wildflowers.  Red roses Seem  to shout “i am so haughty and superior, and I am only going to stay beautiful for a few days and then I’m departing”  they are just too fancy and thorny… 🌹 🥀.

Zinnia seeds can be planted in early May and in about 45 days, you should have enough for a bouquet.  They can take hot sun and can do well with every other day watering.   So next spring, buy your self a $2.00 pack of Zinnia seeds and plant a :




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