Now I get it….. It’s really the little things

So it really is actually all of the little things that i stop and rejoice in. On this day of Thanksgiving, when everyone is working on their prayers or thoughts of what they are thankful for, lets not forget the little things that give us a boost occasionally or even daily. Don’t get me wrong, I wake up each morning and before I put my feet out of the bed, I take a minute because my attention span has always been short, and thank God for all the big things I am thankful for. Now they go in this order….. My grandsons , My kids, my hopefully to be daughter in law some day, my son in law, my husband and my siblings, nieces and nephews. I pray for them to have good health and happiness. I rarely pray for myself in that early morning prayer which I actually just thought about. I usually pray for myself when I’m sick or getting ready for a long drive.

So, heres the way my prayers go many times and my thoughts. My daily thankfulnesses are usually about the smallest things. These are times when I am just glad to be alive and for that little piece of time, I am so grateful for something that just makes my heart leap for joy. The disappointments and hurts stand out in our lives like a trailer for a movie. The big loses, the hurts from losing love ones. The big disappointments, I really try not to focus on those. I love those little clips, those glimpses of Joie de vivre that I wish I could have a lifetime of playbacks to those moments.

I have many of those moments everyday and for them I am so grateful. Here is a list of my very favorite things and I give thanks today for the little things that have brought me happiness through my life!!

Kids today do not know this, but we used to return our used soda bottles in for pennies, 3-5 cents when I was young, and get paid by a grocery or convenient store. My friends and I would find them and save them and buy candy with the money. When my husband now goes to the grocery store, he always brings me back some chocolate. I am eternally grateful for chocolate and the kindness that he does by leaving me chocolate by my sink.

I was thankful for My favorite books growing up, Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, the Betsy and Star books, Which gave me to this day my love of reading. I am grateful today for books and for my book club that leads me to books I may not have chosen but many times enjoy. I am grateful for the ladies in my book club as well.

My Spirograph , my checkers, Chinese checkers, jacks, pick up sticks, cards, that i loved to play. I’m today grateful that I still love playing games! I’m grateful that when my family is at the beach, my son David always wants to play scrabble or some kind of card game. It’s those times when we gather around that are my favorite times.

The outside games I would play with neighorhood kids until sunset, red rover, mother may I, kick the can, kickball, roller skating . I’m grateful now when I’m helping my grandsons learn how to put a puzzle together or teaching them to catch. That is just the best!

I have loved to cook over the years, now when cooking for just 2, its not as enjoyable, however I do like to cook or bring food to someone in need. Both my sister and brother grew up watching my mom, but especially my grandmother bring food, mounds of food to people in need. My brother is so giving and cooks for his church many times. My sister used to cook for the homeless shelter monthly. I’m grateful that the women in our lives taught us that when people are in need, bring food!

I love a great beach day, where the weather is just amazing on the beach and you build castles, read books, get a great tan, come back to the house make an amazing sandwich with a perfect summer tomato, grab a book, and sit on the back porch until sleepy. Take a nap, and then grill hamburgers on a real charcoal grill. I’m grateful for simple beach days.

I love to drive and randomly call an old friend and talk and talk for like 45 minutes and just catch up. WOmen are way better about keeping up with old friends than men are. Don’t take the atttitude of, well they haven’t gottten in touch with me in years, so forget them…. People are busy, people forget, people have stuff. Be the better person and reach out. Most of the time people enjoy catching up. I’m grateful for the many friends I have stayed in touch with since college and before.

I love a cold dreary Sunday that may include cinnamon rolls and coffee in the morning, then sticking a roast or chicken in the oven to cook while at church and opening the door and smelling lunch ready. Putting on your most comfortable Sunday afternoon clothes and reading or watching tv all afternoon. Possibly doing one chore so you do not feel entirely worthless. Those are the best days.

I still love watching the Thanksgiving parade on thanksgiving morning and also hearing a football game on in the afternoon or on any Sunday afternoon. That is just the best. I do love the fact that now I can take pleasure in knowing that I am blessed even when my family is not together celebrating important life events. I used to think that if both my kids were not at each big dinner or holiday eating right then with me, that the earth was off kilter. It is a lot of pressure on people on big holidays to be many places on holidays or birthdays etc. Rejoice when you have your peeps together even if its just a random day. Let people do whatever they want with whomever they want , whenever they want and don’t sweat it. Be happy for the moments you have with the people you have when you have them in your midst. I used to put tooooo much pressure on myself during the holidays or at family gatherings until a very wise therapist and a wise friend told me the same thing…….


There it is readers and bloggers and gatherers! The wisest words ever spoken . Why are they wise, because we live in a fantasy world thru television and social media and pressure to be perfect. Families are not perfect, you are not perfect, I am not perfect. Food preparation can not be perfect, animals can not be perfect, grandchildren, children, food prep people, recipes,

WHat you can do perfectly is arrive on TIME. There is nothing worse that being late. NOTHING. It is one of the most rude things you can do to a hostess. Arrive on time and bring something, Even if they say do not bring anything. Bring a bottle of wine, a jug of tea, a flower you have picked from your yard. SOMETHING..

Whom ever gathers with you today or even if your people can not gather today. Be thankful for the small things.

They are really the things that matter and let go of the things that just don’t matter. Be thankful and tell people you are thankful for them. Have no regrets or they will eat you up inside.

LET GO and enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Now I get it….. It’s really the little things

    1. I feel the same about you and am so grateful to have you. I called Dianna a couple days ago. She’s exhausted but has most things moved. If I’m at beach around Christmas lets go see her.


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