Wacky Friday Christmas

So I’ve been pondering this Christmas regarding how I am feeling along with the thoughts and feels this holiday season that I’ve been listening to from others. Many of us feel that we can’t get into the Christmas spirit….Well, let’s examine this- myself included.

Maybe this year, in this pandemic, is a reality check that we should slow the heck down every Christmas. Why over the years has Christmas become a two month event? I mean Christmas is a birthday. Think about it. I’ve heard so many people express that they can’t get into Christmas this year. Do you mean you can’t spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the ridiculous amount of presents we feel we have to give? Do you mean that you don’t have the holiday anxiety that you get every year from the tons of tasks you inundate yourself with. Christmas card ordering, addressing and sending. Stressing over the perfect gift for Aunt so and so. Making the perfect Wreath, tree, cookie, cake

Let’s break this down. I did not do Christmas cards this year and wow was that a stress reliever! We all see your kids, family etc on Instagram and Facebook daily! I have decorated lightly and instead have drawn Christmas trees with my grandsons.

Christmas Day is the ultimate birthday party. Have we lost that miraculous realization? I Know I’m guilty of this many times over. I urge everyone to wake up early this advent season, be still, and reflect on Christmas past and think of as a child sitting in church and singing silent night or away in a manger. I used to croon both of these as a child along with a little music box my mom had.

Are we celebrating the idea of Christmas but lost site in what that consists of? We are celebrating a promise… a promise from God that He is sending the ultimate 🎁 gift. If you’ve ever actually witnessed a birth, you know what I’m talking about. Miraculous does not even begin to describe the event.

Let’s all sit down with our Kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews and instead of talking about Santa, let’s tell them what we are celebrating…. A BIRTH-day.

Although this year has been tough, let’s don’t turn Christmas into Wacky Friday. Slow down and let’s have a Birthday party! My brother’s birthday is Christmas Eve. All his life he has wanted people to slow down on December 24, and not think of Santa, cooking etc but to celebrate his birthday…. my momma used to try everything in her power to make it his special day. We were not allowed to even whisper Christmas… it was Paul Henry Jones’ birthday party! My Daughter’s birthday is December 26 and I’ve always tried to make it special as well. Put a candle on your Christmas cake this year and sing happy birthday to Jesus so the kids that have been running around shooting nerf guns at Aunt Betty, or glued to a new device with a video game will know that indeed this is the ultimate birthday party extravaganza !

#Christmas #blessed #Covid #Jesus

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