Summering in Florida

Although it may appear by the picture above that I summered in Africa, I actually spent every summer in Boca Raton Florida. Oh the life those summers presented to me! Let me explain how these vacations came about…… My dad had worked for Eastern Airlines for 24 years. When I was 6, Eastern was on…Read more »

Joys and Loses

I am reposting this post from last August. It all holds true today in that we never ever saw all that this spring has brought to us this year. As i have stated so often… who would have seen this year play out in this way, as we dealt with the corona virus and what…Read more »

A Day in May ….

This gorgeous bearded Iris starts as a bulb and has been dug up probably six times and moved in card board boxes by my mama, Edna Jenkins Jones and then by me to every home I’ve lived in. Every May it blooms victoriously after the long winter, and rainy spring to make a glorious showing.…Read more »

Big Sister! Mom?

Yesterday, I received a text from my sister that said the following: I am sure you are so busy, you do not have time to write a blog now😍. I really enjoyed reading them. You are so talented in so many different ways!! You are gifted!! I love you so very much!! This made my…Read more »

Sunday Morning Sunshine

Sunday mornings growing up were usually spent getting ready for church and eating pillsbury cinnamon rolls which were a wonderful warm and gooey treat that i would look forward to. Another morning ritual was watching or listening to CBS Sunday Morning. That long standing show has always offered me just enough meaningful news along with…Read more »